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Welcome! Info below... although I'm sure the photos are really what you're interested in!

Don't let the fashion and model photos throw you off. I do a lot of corporate photography. I'm a photographer in Montreal with an eye for beauty. My photographic interests range from people to places and commercial photography. I'm especially skilled at working with people in an array of environments such as making people feel comfortable for acting and corporate headshots and portrait photography, using the immediate surroundings to create interesting and eye-catching photos, and being non-instrusive at events such as corporate events, weddings, and private parties. At events I use my talents as a photojournalist to be a fly on the wall and not get involved while I depict the scene visually.

See photo in the background? I chose the photo because I think it's a fairly raw yet sexy photo. Minimal make-up, yet attractive! It certainly gets your attention! The best photographers can take an ordinary photo and make it extraordinary. That's what I try to do with every photographic opportunity. Whether your shoot is for a Montreal event, corporate needs, personal, or otherwise, I'm here to help you look great!

There aren't that many Montreal fashion photographers but there are certainly tons of models. If you want to get started in the modeling world, I can help you out. I also do some product photography. Redstone Photography represents one of the best-known photographers in Montreal. Contact me!

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